Just wanted to say thank you, I applied for my dream job a few weeks back and beat over 700 applicants to win the role. The resume was definitely a stand out, as the design quickly displayed my qualifications and experience, plus neatly summarised a lengthy career. Again thank you, your work played a big part in my landing the role - SOPHIA

M E E T  L U C Y 


Welcome to Lucy Writes Resumes, telling your professional story by combining professionally written content with modern resume design. 


I offer a complete resume writing, editing and design service, ensuring that your resume truly represents you, your experience and your personality.   


Since my business launched in 2019, I have written resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and selection criteria for over seven hundred clients. I assist my clients to build their resume into a document they are confident to present. You should be proud of your professional experience, so let's tell the story and make it look good!


My aim is to develop a long term relationship with you so I can continue to build your resume as you progress through your career. 


Hi, I'm Lucy!


R E S U M E  D E S I G N S

S T O R I E S 

I have had the pleasure of writing resumes for clients from a broad range of industries and at various experience levels. I have produced content for clients in industries including: 


  • Administration   

  • Agriculture   

  • Automotive   

  • Club      

  • Event Management    

  • Executive Assistant

  • Forensics  

  • Graduates   

  • Hospitality

  • Legal Professionals    

  • Local Government   

  • Marketing   

  • Medical Research   

  • Mining   

  • Nursing   

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Pharmacy

  • Project management  

  • Psychology   

  • Public Relations   

  • Real Estate   

  • Retail    

  • Styling/Visual Merchandising  

  • Teaching   

  • Yachting


I have also written and prepared grant, sponsorship and award submissions, developed client websites and written content for job advertisements.