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Words are the key!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Words are the key! Keywords should be placed throughout your resume to show that your experience and skill set are relevant to the position you are applying for. They show that you are a good match for the job!

Your resume keywords should be: - Job specific. - Be relevant to the industry you are looking to work in. - Be relevant to your education/credentials and your skill set.

Some examples of keywords are: - Strategy - Brand - Compliance - Safety - Reporting - Design

Two tips in relation to keywords.

Firstly, when writing a client’s employment history, I use keywords at the beginning of the dot point so that they are easily visible (most employers do not read a resume word for word!). For example: - Strategy – Developed and implemented the annual strategic marketing plan which included detailed marketing campaigns, an advertising plan and a stakeholder management plan.

Secondly, when reading through a job advertisement scribble keywords all over it. Many job advertisements may list of set of responsibilities but the keywords may not be jumping out at you. For example if a job advertisement says: _ - Measure the impact of campaigns and events for senior management.

The keywords I relate to this statement are data, analysis and reporting. Do you have this experience? If so, make sure you are using the relevant keywords in your resume.

Matching resumes with job advertisements through the use of keywords is one of the favourite parts of my job. It is all about extracting the ‘data’ from your resume and matching it to the ‘data’ of a job advertisement.

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